We offer the convenience of technical personnel where our clients need them when they need them. So whether you need training, increased user adoption, temporary support, or long-term sustainment, we work with our clients to provide the solution that makes sense.

Client Learning and Training

Orbit consultants believe that good training is key to user adoption and lasting success. We use an education-first approach, empowering our clients to maximize the benefits of their chosen system, access key data readily, and improve the user experience. Our training sessions can be delivered on-site or remotely depending on our client's preferences.

Training Materials

We have extensive experience drafting and maintaining training materials for Administrative users and End users.  Orbit uses a multimedia approach to training in the users' preferred format.  Examples include End-user guides, Administrative guides, Training videos, and Quick Reference guides.

Train the Trainer

We provide detailed training sessions to our client’s training team, allowing them to easily communicate new software changes to different end-user groups.

Business Administrator

We provide detailed training sessions to our client's business administrators (BAs) and super users. These sessions guide them in functionality key to their unique role. This training ensures the BA is knowledgeable on how their system works and how they can gain unique insights as a thoughtful leader in their organization.

IT Administrator

We provide detailed training sessions to our client’s IT administrators.  These sessions guide the IT administrators in configuring their systems.  These topics include managing pick lists, look and feel, importing and exporting data, troubleshooting external data interfaces, and configuring dashboards.

Sustainment Activities

New solutions almost always have kinks. When Orbit implements a solution for a client, we don't stop there. We provide:

  • Defect Resolution
  • Escalation to Vendors
  • Enhancements to Existing Configuration
  • System Upgrades
  • System Admin Services
  • Integration Support

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