Industry, company philosophy, compliance, and the bottom line all play important roles in defining strategy. After getting to know these aspects of our client's business, we set the roadmap for achieving their overall goals and objectives. We deep dive into the processes and technology they already employ, leverage their unique advantages and introduce new strategies to improve operations and sustainability across the organization.

Redefine and Improve the Way You Run Your Business

Goal Setting & Roadmap

Understanding the unique character of our client's businesses, how they work, and where they want it to go is an important step in our process. How does your company philosophy and mission impact your long-term goals? What rare and valuable resources give you a competitive advantage? How can we leverage what you do well to optimize operations at your firm and differentiate you from competitors? How can technology help you achieve your goals and objectives? 

Process & Solution Assessment

Learning the processes our clients use, what works, and what could work better, allows us to redefine and improve the way they run their business. With our understanding of the goals and objectives our clients have, we gather all the relevant data as to how their current workflows and technology improve the way their employees do their jobs, identify opportunities for improvement, and provide recommendations for what steps to take next.

  • Discovery and User Group Interviews
  • Business Process Review
  • Technical Solution Review
  • Comprehensive Assessment Report
  • Recommendations and Next Phase Planning

System Selection

Before Orbit makes new technology recommendations, we evaluate the available cutting-edge solutions' ability to meet the needs of our clients. Our system selection process empowers our clients to make the right decision for their scope, schedule, and budget.

  • Financial Analysis/Preliminary Demos
  • Requirements (RTM)
  • RFI/RFP and Vendor Demonstrations
  • Analysis/Findings and RFP
  • POC and Solution Selected/ Negotiated

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