Solution Implementation


At Orbit, we tailor our client's solutions to ensure acceptance by their users, while balancing feasibility, usability, timeline, and budget. Our experience managing implementations of advanced systems across different industries helps our clients understand the parameters for success, so they end up with a solution that is specific to their company, designed for longevity, and doesn't break the budget or timeline.

System Design and Configuration


Our agnostic position on available EHSQ management software allows us to select and design the solution that best suits the needs of each one of our client's businesses. It also means our team has experience implementing and configuring various tools and platforms, such as Sphera Impact, Enablon, Intelex, Cority, and others, including solutions developed for our clients in-house.

  • Forms and Layouts (User Interface)
  • Business Workflow Processes
  • Business Rules 
  • Email Notifications
  • Automation Enhancements
  • Reports


Integration and System Consolidation


Whether entirely reimagining our customer's old systems, or simply feeding key information from one to another, the Orbit team provides 26 years of technical expertise in integrating and consolidating risk, health, safety, environmental, and quality data across multiple platforms.

  • HR Systems
  • Third Party Systems 
  • Business Analytics Systems
  • Data Historians (OSI PI)
  • Regulatory Content Providers
  • Between Enablon Applications

Legacy Data Transformation and Migration


The Orbit team meets our customers at their level in their data management activities. Changes in solutions often come with large data cleansing events, updates to collection and validation processes, and parameter translations between datasets. Our team works with data cleansing and transformation tools to support our customers in the process.

  • Solution Planning and Requirements
  • Field Data Mapping and Transformation
  • SQL Scripting and Data Import Template Creation
  • Data Importing and Validation

Project Management


Experienced project managers on the Orbit teamwork alongside stakeholders and SMEs with your business to develop a realistic scope, schedule, and budget. Considering waterfall, agile, and hybrid methodologies, we implement the one that best aligns with the target system as well as the project goals. 

  • Project Baselines
  • Processes to Monitor Progress
  • Communication Plans 
  • Issue Management Approaches
  • Change Control Procedures
  • Risk Management Procedures
  • Approach for Accepting Project Deliverables
  • Definition of Project Completion


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